Rob OldfieldRob Oldfield – “A creative dyslexic”

Educated at Leeds Metropolitan University

Specialist in Electronics and Computing (Over 25 Years)

Managing director of the Computer MOT Centre Ltd.

Loves: Blakes 7, Guns n’ Roses, and Marathon bars.  Hates: Cheese, and waiting for stuff Family:  Mel (Wife)  Laura (Daughter)  Daniel (Son)  Luke (Dog)

In 1991 I ran a small business called Robosoft Computing whilst attending university.  After finishing my time at Leeds, I began work at Gaia Technologies as their Technical Manager.  During the latter years at Gaia I ran several other businesses –  Shrobisoft Encryption (Sold to a major Broadcast Network), and a computer help line, and call-out service.  The on-site maintenance business was a great success, so the decision was made to start The Computer MOT Centre.

The Computer MOT Centre based in Bangor, and is one of the most successful computer stores in North Wales winning 2 National IT Retailer Awards in 2014.

I have always been interested in media and events, and have been involved in some exciting projects such as the Guns n’ Roses Multimedia Video Project, Organising a Paul Daniels Live show, Presenting the Dead air podcast, and more recently producing The James Whale Radio Show.

When I do get some spare time I can be found in the shed either playing guitar or sat behind a computer thinking about the next exciting project I want to get involved in.